Tips For Starting A Cleaning Company

There are two types of cleaning companies and professionals that you can deal with.  You can deal with a residential cleaning company that will focus more on houses and personal spaces or you can deal with a commercial company that will work on businesses and other professional buildings.  When it comes to commercial building maintenance casper you are dealing with a specific group of individuals and cleaning supplies.

Light vs heavy touch cleaning

To start off with you will need to decide if you are going to work with a light touch type of cleaning or if you are going to work with more of a heavy handed style.  The difference is broad and can mean a lot of different things for different people. 

Light cleaning will include removing of trash, wiping down counters, vacuuming the rugs and general tidiness.  This is typically where most businesses will hire a specific company for on a day to day basis.  Then it may be in their contract that on Friday’s or on the weekends they will come in and do a m ore in depth cleaning where they will scrub and polish floors.

commercial building maintenance casper

Heavy Cleaning

A heavier cleaning will revolve around a heavier touch.  This can mean special chemicals to be used to disinfect specific areas of the building or office, more emphasis on specific areas of the room such as dusting or mopping and more.  When it comes to a heavier cleaning operation the costs will go up and the time needed to be completed will be greater.

No matter what type of cleaning practice or process you will need for your specific job you need to make sure that the people are trained properly and can perform the tasks as outlined.  A supervisor needs to be on site to ensure that the job is completed correctly and is able to direct their people to complete the job correctly or will be able to touch up any areas that may have been overlooked.