Clinical Vs. Emotional Approaches To Depression

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The emotional response to depression is heartfelt. It is genuine. It could be like this. You have a sympathetic employer who is prepared to let you off the hook for a few days, perhaps even a couple of weeks, in the sincere hope that you will be feeling much better by the time you arrive back at your desk. The emotional response is sincere. The person may get the impression that someone honestly cares.

But the emotional response, sadly ironic that it comes from those whom you thought were closest to you and who would at least understand what you might be going through, is often fraught with anger and frustration. Because the pains and frustrations being suffered often rub off on those who surround the depression sufferer. And it is usually someone quite close to them. Hearts can be broken.

And it becomes just so difficult to mend fences thereafter. Grudges are borne, perhaps for years to come. Silence is golden, or so they say. Perhaps the depression sufferer would prefer it that way. But no, this is not how it works. This is not how depression treatment jacksonville nc counselling will work. No effort will be spared to finally get the patient to open up. At long last. He starts to talk. And after that first burst of words?

Even after many tears have been shed? How does that make the sufferer feel? She might still be in denial but deep down inside, she cannot deny how much talking to someone made her feel. Initially, it felt as though she was talking to a brick wall. It didn’t feel as though the therapist really cared. Was she even listening? Harsh it may seem, but it is clinical.